What a NUTS Weekend

by Camp Caribou on January 10, 2011

Caribou Nation… Happy January 10th!!!! It was jammed packed weekend and it all started with a BANG at the Meadowbrook School. Ben Stoloff and his basketball team took on the Weston Wildcats and right from the opening tip the game was over. Meadowbrook crushed the Wildcats by thirty points in an easy win!!! Stoloff was ripping boards and was a key contributor to this high powered Meadowbrook offense. It was great seeing Ben and his parents Judi and Ron!!!

On Saturday, I was able to catch Greg Nemrow or G-money as they call him (new to the Caribou Family), play a Ice Hockey for Waltham. G-money was in goal for Waltham, who was a brick wall, however, Wakefield was able to catch a couple of fast breaks and score a couple of goals. In the end, Wakefield was able to crawl out with a win 4-1, but it was awesome seeing “G” in goal. It was also a pleasure meeting G’s parents Rochelle & Michael.

On Sunday, I was able to catch the tail end of Gabe Peckler’s (also new to the Caribou Family) basketball game against Dedham. I wasn’t able to see all of the game but got a chance to meet Gabe who is jacked up for this summer!!!!

Overall, it was an awesome weekend, and just to let the New York guys know, Rotman will be coming down January 28th-31st, so let’s get some big things going!!