by Camp Caribou on October 3, 2011

OHHHHHH, LETS GET IT the Caribou blog is back and ready for the fall season.  We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new school year.  First of all, do you guys miss camp as much as we do?!?! And second, the Caribou office is officially down in Wayland, MA and already gearing up for the 2012 summer. UNREAL!!!!

A little Caribou update for all y’all.  Bill will be tearing up the east coast this month hitting New York City and South Florida, visiting potential new Caribou families.  Martha had a little miss step while on a jog a couple of weeks ago and injured her calf muscle.  However, don’t worry, take a deep breath, Martha is just fine and will be ready for her traditional road run next summer!!  In the mean time, everyone should take a run for her as she recovers.  Bobby is keeping his swag on, obviously, and getting ready to hit the road for LA.  Bobby will be teaching Spanish again and living in Culver City.  Lori is doing real well, getting excited for her upcoming birthday, and chillin’ with Stella (who says hi to all of Caribou Nation).  And Rotman just got back from a Camp Directors camp up at Camp Belknap in New Hampshire.  Rotman, by the way,wears his CMCL snap back everywhere, even to bed.

Overall, things are rockin’, we’re real busy.  Keep in touch, study hard, tear up the fields,  and represent the Bou,