Time Flies When We’re Having FUN!!

by Camp Caribou on July 5, 2012

WOW! We just cannot believe how camp is flying by! It’s crazy to think that Visiting Day is next weekend already! The boys are doing GREAT!! Everybody is “feeling the flow” and visibly much more comfortable here. We’ve had a crazy busy week with more to come! We’ve had CMCL soccer, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, golf, and basketball for most of the age groups, and tomorrow we have ropes, tennis, soccer and volleyball. On Saturday we’ve got more baseball and basketball coming up. (We divide the tournament days by age groups, so that we don’t compete in all age groups in the same sport on one day..it minimizes the time that  we have to wait for fields/courts, etc.)
We’ve also had some amazing wilderness trips going on! We just had our first hiking trip for the younger ones up to Camden Hills in Camden, Maine, and they loved it! They were all excited about seeing the Ocean in Maine! Lots of kids who had never been on a trip before were on that trip, and they had a fabulous time. We now have another trip out to the St. Croix River (canoeing of course). All the kids were excited to see the Canadian border! 🙂
We’ve also had some great programs this week! Commando Capture the flag, Lip Sync, Waterfest, Cookie Bowl, all-camp movie, and of course, the world famous Camp Caribou 4th of July fireworks extravaganza!!! Our resident pyrotechnic genius, Marc Weymouth aka WEYMO put on an absolutely fantastic show and the kids were going nuts for it! It capped off a wonderful 4th of July. We had the America’s Cup tournament all day on the 4th where each camper is put on a team, the teams are all different States in the Nation, and the winner gets… you guessed it, THE AMERICA’S CUP!! Very exciting! 🙂 We had a lovely outdoor picnic on the front lawn of The Lodge and the kids got a yummy all-American meal…fried chicken, biscuits, salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, and RED sugar cookies with red, white and blue sprinkles! All HOME MADE by our one and only 31 year veteran head chef, Sue Gilbert. She’s the “awesomest” as some of the kids like to say! 🙂 So I know this is a short Blog post, but I’m already late for campfire, so I’ve gotta get going! We’re giving out the 5 year jackets to our 5 year campers tonight and they’re all “psyched” to wear their jackets with pride. We are so proud to have a camp with such wonderful boys. We feel very lucky to have the pleasure of spending time with each and every Caribou camper, and we thank you for sharing them with us!!