The Weekend that Shook the World

by Camp Caribou on February 15, 2011

OHHH YAHHH. What a ridiculous and outrageous weekend the Caribou family just had!!! What up guys and gals. The scene of the crime, New York City, the culprits, a slew of Caribouinians.

Right off the bat, Fischer and Rotman were invited over to the Nissans for a feast fit only for kings. The dinner was amazing, unbelievable food, and really great to see Greg and Marla!!!! Ben we missed you. But again thank you Marla for such great time!!!

On Saturday, Rotman and Fischer headed over to the Murray Ave school for a rockin’ camp fair to talk a little about the Caribou program and family. But the real fun started Saturday Night in Greenwich, CT at Planet Pizza. Jacob Savitz, Max Finkelstein, Zach Russell, Charlie Russell, Fischer, and Rotman all got together, talked tons about Olympics and Colorwar, and enjoyed some great pizza!!! It was awesome seeing Savitz and welcoming Finkelstein and the Russell brothers to the Caribou family.

On Sunday, Caribou took over Broadway, where Rotman met up with Max Godnick, Andres Vaamonde, Sam Cox, Dylan Lublin, Jake Lublin, and Ben Landau. The crew headed over to the Manhattan JCC to play some pick-up ball. And from the looks of it… Caribou Basketball is in pretty good hands this summer!!! Andres was ripping the boards, Godnick was dropping teardrops, Landau was hitting buckets, Sam was lighting up the arc, Dylan was using his height and dribbling in circles around people, and well Jake had an injured foot from a hockey game, but he took care of business on the sidelines. Oh and Rotman, well you know how he does things.

After some ball, the crew headed down Broadway for some dinner at Big Daddy’s. However, let me tell you one thing, finding parking on Broadway is not the easiest thing. It took a couple of what Rotman calls, “unaturns” to find a spot. Though, at Big Daddy’s everyone enjoyed some great hamburgers and milkshakes. However, Jake for some odd reason had to get himself the Barbie Milkshake. GET IT JAKE…

Overall it was a great weekend. Awesome seeing you all!!! And if any of you have any updates for Caribou Nation let us know.