Philly Reunion

by Camp Caribou on October 20, 2010

Caribou Nation what up, we hope all is well and your enjoying the fall season. We are coming off an awesome weekend down in Philly. Bill, Bobby, Lori, and Rotman made the trek down from Boston for the weekends first event, which was Josh Liss’s Bar Mitzvah. There were loads of Caribou guys and gals that basically took over the place. A big what up to Jack Long, Henry Foreman, Gabe Schmittlien, Micah, Chase, Eli Pinkus, Jay Maxwell, and the four of us. It didnt stop there, as Liss had his party at Distrito, a sick Mexican restaurant in downtown Philly. There we ripped up the dance floor and had amazing food. Josh did an amazing job and we are very proud him. WAY TO GO JOSH.

Our Philly tour was obviously not done yet, as we had the Philly reunion on Sunday at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center. It was an awesome turnout, the Kastenbaums, Holdsmans, Ben Seltzer, Jon and Josh Cohen, Wheeler, Josh Liss, Josh Rosenfeld, Henry and Joe Wolfson, and Craig Markman. Oh with special guests Levin Ep and Anthony. We played tennis, got some football going, had Philly Cheese steaks, unveiled 2010 Yearbook, watched the DVD video yearbook (which is the best yet), and handed out Reunion T-Shirts. Slogan for this summer, Slice of Heaven in 2011.

Overall, it was a great weekend, saw loads of Caribou guys, and had a blast. Next stop: Boston Reunion November 7th. See you guys out there, and keep in touch.

All the Best and Lots of Hugs