Neil Rampe, Caribou Alum, Wins a World Series Ring!

by Alex Rotman on October 28, 2020

Neil Rampe as a soccer coach at Camp Caribou
Rampe receiving his three year Camp Caribou Jacket!






Congratulations to Camp Caribou Alumnus, Neil Rampe, and the Los Angles Dodgers for capturing their first World Series title since 1988!  Rampe, the current Head Trainer of the Dodgers, has been with the team since 2016 and has experienced tremendous success over the last few years.  Before joining the LA Dodgers,  Rampe was the Head trainer of the University of Minnesota Hockey team and apart of the Athletic Traing Staff with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Neil is also apart of the Caribou Family!!  He was a soccer coach from 1999-2001 and has left a lasting impact on all of his campers and co-staff members as a great coach, friend, and mentor.  We are all so happy for Neil – congrats man – BouYah!! Check out the photos and the links below on Rampe’s path to his BIG win!

Rampe with his 1999 Cabin
Bill and Martha with Neil


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