Happy Halloween Caribou

by Camp Caribou on October 28, 2011

WHHHATTT IS UPPPP Caribou Nation!!! Its a Friday and we’re bloggin.  We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall season.  Up here in Boston we had our first snow last night, UNREAL, winter is certainly around the corner.  But don’t get to down, we’ve got the Boston and Phili Reunions coming right up. 

So, just a quick reminder… The Boston Reunion is planned to be an epic event with Joey T comin’ in from Western Mass and John White making the trip down from Maine. We’ve got arcades, laser tag, chicken fingers and french fries, and of course the ice cream sundaes,  YAHHHH LETS GOOO.   The Reunion will be on November 6th at Fun & Games.   

The Phili Reunion isn’t holding anything back this year, as this year we’ll be throwing it down on the basketball hard wood, playing tennis, and of course watching the Caribou DVD.  The Reunion will be November 13th at the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center.

All reunion attendees will receive the 2012 Caribou Reunion T-Shirt, which Jigz is proudly wearing in the photo.  BOUM!!!!!

A little Caribou News: Mitch Kaufman is loving life down at Tulane University.  Mitch is competing on a football and basketball intramural team and is in first place in both leagues.  BOU YAH..  Bobby Lerman is doing big things in LA, tutoring college students in Spanish.  Matthew Kimmelstiel  is doing real well in his fall baseball league and will be wrapping up the season next weekend.  Get after it Matthew!!!  Marshall Knight who is on the Weston Pop Warner B Team will be playing Wayland this Sunday, which Rotman and Lori will be in attendance at and making their presence known!!! If you have any upcoming games, please let us know as we love to cheer on the Caribou Family!! 

Keep in touch and see you at the Reunions..