Gotta Love Camp! :)

by Camp Caribou on June 26, 2012

So, we’re finally into the groove of camp and everybody’s loving it! We’ve definitely had an interesting start with the power and the phones etc., but nothing can break our spirit, and Rotman is just so amazing at getting everybody excited over every little thing. He’s really the best and we love him! (I’m not just saying that because I’m marrying him!) The kids and staff alike feed off of our positive energy (not that they don’t have plenty of their own energy), and we’ve had some absolutely fabulous programs so far, despite the rain, or the “liquid sunshine” as we like to call it! The kids are settling into the routine and the staff are getting the hang of this whole “parenting” thing! 🙂
We had the BEST campfire the other night with many different kids getting up in front of the camp to sing, demonstrate their skills, lead a cheer, tell a joke, do a skit, play an instrument, etc. It was AWESOME!! We have such a talented community and we’re so proud of our campers who were brave enough to get up in front of everybody to perform.
We’re already looking forward to the next one!
We’ve got a group of kids who are out hiking Mt. Katahdin right now, and the sports tournaments are starting up on Thursday. We’ve been having a bunch of team practices during electives, and lots of kids are excited to start playing on teams. We’ve got baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and track coming right up, and loads of kids are choosing to participate in those activities. We’ve also started some cool new activities that lots of campers are excited may have seen some of the pictures of Martha and I doing water aerobics with some of the kids, which was a huge success! We’ve had tons of kids down in the new wood-shop creating all sorts of terrific things, and we’re always amazed at the new ideas that they come up with! We had so much fun last night with a Junior Trivia Night and Dance Party in the Lodge, and a Senior Dodge Ball Tournament in the Gym. Both so much fun, and tonight we have Staff Skits!

We’re so excited for all the wonderful things that are sure to come! We’ll keep you posted!