Good to be Back!!!

by Camp Caribou on May 14, 2011

YOOOOOO…. guess what.. Caribou headquarters has shifted up to 1 Caribou Way Winslow, Maine!!! Oh you know it,  and for the first time we’re writing the blog from the Bou,  YAHHH LETS GET IT.  As we speak, the bull crew is bringing the peninsula back to life and gearing it up for another epic summer.  The current crew is our legendary tennis pro and overall beast of a human, yes beast and human put together, Raffa, our wilderness trips extraordinaire and the real transporter, Dan Harris, our Maintenance Director and jack of all trades, Frank Siekierski, the one and only Lori Lerman, Bill “Kid Lightning Lerman, and “Make it Rain” Rotman

The Bull crew is doing big time work… but the biggest story line of the pre-season is Caribou’s new archery field.  Bill and Frank have been cutting down trees and leveling the land off for the newest addition to the Caribou peninsula.  It’s coming along real quickly and we’re all real excited!!! 

On Monday, Kirsty and Al will be heading up to the Bou to roll up their sleeves and join the bull crew.  Then late next week, Bobby Badlands Lerman will be making the journey from LA to Caribou to round off the pre-season crew.  We can’t believe we are 41 days away from things starting up.  Tear up the rest of the school year and see you guys real soon!!!