DC / New York

by Camp Caribou on October 15, 2010

Caribou Nation what up, Rotman and Billy L. just had an awesome trip down to New York and DC visiting loads of potential new campers and catching up with current Caribou guys. On Sunday we were in the big city, met some awesome families, played a bunch of basketball, of course Billy was droppin three’s all over the place, and I broke out the glove and tossed the baseball around. That night we caught up with Dave Altarescu at the Tribeca Tavern.

From there, Caribou was on the go, kicking the tires and lighting the fires. On Monday we met ten families, talked Caribou, tossed the football, and got a couple of pick up games going. It was a blast, and met some great people. That night we caught up with the legend, Levin Ep, he is doing real well in DC.

On Tuesday, we were able to catch up with Caleb Friedman, who is real busy with school and competing in all sorts of soccer tournaments. Bill and I even got a chance to see Alex Ranck and Adam Abrams rip up the soccer fields for the McLean School. Yo, if you guys have any upcoming sporting events, let us know, and we would love to come and cheer you on.

Then on Wednesday we saw Connor and Jeremy Wolfe. Connor is playing lax for Scarsdale High and for a town travel team. Jeremy is busy with school and playing lax as well. We even got a chance to see the myth Adam Fischer who is currently looking to travel all through out South America.

Overall it was a great trip, saw some Caribou Legends, new caribou guys, and cheered on Ranck and Abrams. This weekend, Lori, Bobby, Bill, and Rotman are headed down for Josh Liss’s Bar Mtizvah and of course the Philly Reunion on Sunday. Give us a call anytime, we love hearing from you, BOU-YAH.