Caribou Updates Everywhere!

by Camp Caribou on October 3, 2013

 Hey Guys, we recently sent out a newsletter to all your parents, but we wanted to update you on what’s going on at the ‘Bou.  Things are rockin’ n’ rollin’ at the headquarters.  Camp has officially been winterized for the winter.  

Staff News: Damian who was the final guy to leave the ‘Bou is now in DC hangin’ out with Talia and seeing some camp guys from the area.  Currently Damian is chillin’ in Rockville with the Voyta’s.  Unfortunately he’s experiencing the governmental lockdown and can’t see any of the museums.  And you know Damian, he’s a big historical loving guy! In other staff news, there’s been an English invasion into Australia of Willcox, Oli, and Southall who have all moved there and plan to live in Australia for the coming months.  I’m sure they will meet up with our Ski Director, Ryan Scott, and other former Caribou staff members.  CoCo has recently moved to Chicago and is absolutely loving life in the windy city!  Al Harding is doing massive things in South Africa.  He’s been riding his motorbike, working for Tecworks (fixing computers), hitting the gym, taking short walks on the beach, enjoying pony rides in the sand, and catching up on Modern Family.  And last, but certainly not least, Ross Grant has been hitting the books hard and trying to get a degree in Sport Science.

Camper News: Ben LaRaus, who has been a one man wrecking machine on the football field is playing safety and receiver for the Fox Lane Middle School.  Henry Davis is playing travel soccer for the Met Oval soccer club and absolutely tearing it up.  Sam Mikesell is playing for the Red Devils soccer team at defense and recently started middle school!  Alex Sutton is having a great start to the school year and is playing goalie for MSC Villa club team.  Blake Aviv is doing all sorts of things and is playing tennis, basketball, and chess! Get after it Blake.  If you have any news please let us know and send to
Below is the list of guys already enrolled for the 2014 summer!  Check it out.  Keep in touch!

Adam Bradford
Aidan Hutzler
Alan Spicer
Alexander Browne
Andrew Kam
Andrew Little
Augie Swetow
Austin Alpert
Avi Kapadia
Ben Gross
Ben Penrose
Ben Stamm
Ben Zimmerman
Benjamin Boraks
Benjamin Gold
Benjamin Hirsh
Benjamin Lisa
Billy Loveman
Brett Liebross
Brett Siegal
Carter Gordon
Carter Mccray
Carter Swetow
Casey Salzman
Charlie Shapiro
Cole Cutlip
Connor Bird
Daniel Emerman
David Clardy
David Hacker
Dylan Stone
Eli Kestenbaum
Eric Siegal
Ethan Cohen
Ethan Hirsh
Gabe Levey
Gabriel Orlanski
Greg Dacey
Guillermo Gabaldon
Gustavo Gabaldon
Harry Goldstein
Henry Grieco
Henry Wolfson
Isaac Levey
Jack Bronsky
Jack Corrado
Jack Korologos
Jack Weiss
Jackson Gaynor
Jackson Zoia
Jacob Savitz
Jake Freeman
Jake Stone
Jake Zaas
Jared Lapidus
Jay Maxwell
Jeffrey Simon
Jeremy Tetenman
Jeremy Wolfe
John Froelich
Jonah Savitz
Jonathan Wilner
Jonnie Voyta
Jordan Carey
Jordan Gold
Jordan Lapp
Josh Libby
Joshua Feinstein
Joshua Frizell
Joshua Lane
Keiran McLean
Lance Large
Lewis Arnsten
Linus Grieco
Logan Gornbein
Luc Karmel-Tawa
Luke Fink
Marshall Knight
Matthew Friedrich
Matthew Gold
Matthew Kestenbaum
Max Fisher
Michael Peress
Mick Bronsky
Misha Izeman
Nicholas Stamm
Nicholas Turnbull
Noah Ades
Noah Kaplan
Owen Mayo
Peter Rabinovitz
Pierre Ignacio Bernoti Basmagi
Riley Gordon
Rob Little
Robert Stephens
Ryan Bird
Ryan Carey
Ryan Feldman
Ryan Salzman
Ryan Silverstein
Ryan Turnbull
Sam Emerman
Sam Fabricant
Sam Orlanski
Sasha Izeman
Teddy Lisa
Tommy Donahue
William Kallman
William Rosen
Wyatt Zoia
Zach Russell
Zachary Cohen
Zachary Katz
Zachary Snyder