Camp Memories :)

by Camp Caribou on August 29, 2012

Camp memories 2012:

  1.  ZJ’s impersonation of Bill
  2. Gisani’s super hero look alike lists
  3. JP and Joey T and Andrew Dennis’s ice bucket foot challenge
  4. CMCL CHAMPS – 3 Peat
  5. Color War- Congrats to the Blue Team
  6. Montreal trip
  7. Zach Snyder is “Mini Rotman”
  8. Zach Stein’s beautiful voice
  10. Inside the mind of Jon Wilner AKA 3 ChainZ
  11. Brent Bartzak’s amazing M&M tricks
  12. Henry Wolfson’s giraffe jokes.. bringing down the house!
  13. JoJo Solomon’s double jointed tricks
  14. T Scherman and Ben Scherman’s Campfire act
  15. Staff Skits.. Joey T’s basketball dunk
  16. Bunk 9’s First Session Lip Sync
  17. Weymo’s Fire Works on July 4th!
  18. America’s Cup Winners-State of Texas
  19. Watercize with Martha
  20. Record number of Lake Swimmers!!
  21. Congrats to South Africa – Olympics Champs
  22. Phil Lawrence – Shoot the Hero
  23. Deep Sea Treasure Hunt 5000 2.0
  24. B.A.N.T.E.R. .. David McCormick
  25. Power Outages to start the summer
  26. Renaissance Music Performance
  27. Gabe Salter and Ben Zimmerman’s hole-in-ones
  28. The Hefalump!
  29. Josh Bedford & Sponge Bob Dodge Ball
  30. Ogunquit trip
  31. Beach Day- Jefferson Scoop Ice Cream!
  32. Bouoploly- the official board game of Camp Caribou
  33. Wildlife Park.. feed the bears
  34. Wilkins and PK ~ 2 on 2 Volleyball Champs
  35. Sam Zimmerman – Caribou golf course master
  36. Ben Milliken – best individual climb at CMCL Ropes Competition
  37. Cruising on the Hobie Cat
  38. SUP – extreme paddle board wars
  39. X-treme tubing!!
  40. Gertrude and Bull Frog Go Camping
  41. Nerd Campfire – Gwenevere.. NERD SALUTE!
  42. Bunk 4 second session Lip Sync steals the show
  43. Caribou culture comes alive with Caribou Epcot
  44. Woodstock – Flopez in the House
  45. Kestenbaum brothers ~ Ultimate Frisbee Total Domination Trio
  46. First Ever Mother-Son Weekend.. so FUN!
  47. Joe Wolfson – best Caribou Wide Receiver in history
  48. Andrew Keighley – longest field goal kick – 65 yards
  50. It’s cool to be nice at Camp Caribou
  51. Epic Commando Capture the Flag
  52. AMAZING WEATHER on the Peninsula
  53. Mr. Chen’s Army
  54. Rubik’s Cube Genius’ – Matthew Bitner, Charlie Graham, Jeremy Wolfe and more!
  55. Craig Willcox successful gallon challenge
  56. Back 5 and Bunk 2 – Surfing the USA
  57. Rafting down the Kennebec with B6 and Zip
  58. Lori and Alex getting hitched!
  59. Third Annual Round Ball Classic!
  60. Eimear’s, Nick’s and Josh’s serenading songs
  61. Casey Salzman’s epic Aqua Zip ride
  62. Loads of Aqua Zippers all summer long
  63. Megan’s rotating hair styles
  64. Shawn Pace’s amazing hair!
  65. Let’s get crafty – with Hunter Rowell
  66. Conor’s crazy beard
  67. Road Run with Bobby – earn your slushies
  68. Road Walk with Martha!
  69. Frog catching with Jorge, Rafa, Nino and Sergio
  70. Carlos’ name
  71. Jay Maxwell’s dance moves and poetry
  72. Music and dancing at the end of every meal
  73. What’s today’s number of the day? 1.4 yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  74. Danny Holdsman.. go into the woods!
  75. Arooostashahhhhh
  76. Jim Dock’s beaver song
  77. Jager
  78. Max Lobel’s biggest catch
  79. Gossip guys with the young Americans
  80. Staff basketball game in Color War.. great game
  81. Willcox general
  82. The Man, The Myth, The Legend… LAZAR!
  83. Swedish Fish (the soccer game)
  84. JRob and Joey T Staff Tennis Champs.. we love you guys!
  85. Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T Joey T JOEY T!!!!!! 
  86. And many, many, more!
  87. We can’t wait to make new memories with all of you next summer! TO ENROLL ONLINE for 2013, please click HERE and Log In to complete the camper application. We look forward to seeing many of you throughout the year.