Camp Caribou News

by Camp Caribou on October 29, 2010

Caribouinians, WHAT’S UP, we hope all is well and your enjoying this fall season. We have been real busy lately with enrollment and re-enrollment for the summer of 2011. By the way this summers slogan is “Slice of Heaven in 2011”, so pumped, we are only 238 days away from camp!!!

Anyway, Bill is currently in Connecticut meeting up with some new campers and having a great trip. Rotman is coming down to New York November 13th and 14th and plans to meet up with Vaamonde, Godnick, Mick Bronksy, Jack Bronksy, and Sam Cox, and if anyone else wants to meet up let us know, maybe we can get some pick up ball going.

This coming Sunday Bill, Rotman, and Jerry will be heading over to Wayland High School to get Brian Sugar and Ian Reilly JACKED UP for their big football game against Billerica, MA. If they win they’re going to the playoffs, LETS TEAR IT UP GUYS. If any other Caribou guys have upcoming sporting events, let us know and we will try to make it.

In other camper news, Gabe Pinkus is playing loads of guitar and gearing up for his new basketball season. Eli Pinkus is competing in the Catskill lacrosse Pumpkin Shootout, Get after it Eli. Matt Shevrin just finished JV volleyball at Schreiber High School where he was awarded MVP of his most recent volleyball tournament. Great job Matt. Caribou Nation let us know what you’re up to, and we will get you up in the blog.

Just a reminder, the Reunion is real soon, November 7th at the Natick, MA Fun & Games 11am, let us know if you can make it. Keep in touch everyone.