Camp Caribou Fall Update

by Camp Caribou on November 11, 2014

Hey Caribou Nation, we hope this blog post finds you well and enjoying your fall season. We just had an amazing Boston Reunion at the Boston Sports Club in Wellesley.  Campers and counselors from all over the east coast came in to reunite, reconnect, and get excited for the upcoming summer. We played loads of basketball, had an epic match of dodgeball, competed in a couple rounds of laser tag, enjoyed some great pizza, watched the 2014 picture slideshow, and handed out the 2015 “Livin’ the Dream” reunion t-shirts.  We want to give a massive shout out to all who came to the reunion,  it was great seeing everyone and we can’t wait for 2015 at the ‘Bou!  

The following were at the Boston Reunion: Ben B., Max L., Ben L., Danny E., Sam E., Issac L.,  Rohan P., Matthew S., Carson E., Jason H., Timmy D., Aaron W., Mitchell W., David C., Josh F., Ryan RS, Jake C., Jack T., Wyatt G., Andrew S., Ben Z., Will R., Peter R., Eric S., Brett S., Ryan C., Jordan C., Carter M., Brandon M., Corey L., Charlie L., Jackson L., Nate S., Simon L., Sheetz, Michael P., Ryan I., Corey F., TK F., Jake F., Jordan G., Nick S., Ben S., Andrew D., Henry F., Ben L., Teddy L., Joey T, Jeffrey S., Noah K., Owen M., Harry F., Lucas L., Logan L., Micah GL, Sam C., Ian K., Zach K., Lucas G., Alex C., and Spencer B..  

And a special shout out to our guys that came in from out of state:  Max K., Cyrus T., Ben S., Jordan S., Jack B., Mick B., Kevin M., Zach C., Greg H., Danny H., Chase G., Caleb K., John White, Savannah VM, Megan P., & Dylan L.!  


Here in the Caribou Winter office, we have been very busy gearing up for the 2015 summer. Bobby has been meeting with loads of new families in New York, Connecticut, Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.  Rotman has been putting the 2015 staff together and has seen a ton of guys wanting to return from last summer, BOUYAH!  Bill and Martha are doing great and have made a couple trips up to camp.  Up at camp the leaves have fallen, but the peninsula is looking great and our full time maintenance directors, Mike Day and Eddie Thompson,  are constantly making improvements on the facilities.  Lori sends her love and tons of hugs to the entire Caribou Family! Ellie is now 11 months old, crawling all over the place and has recently started day care where she gets to sing and dance during music class.  Ellie is definitely going have to share her talents at campfire this summer!

2015 Staff Returners: Danny Holdsman from Philly is making the big return and will be working at basketball this summer.  David Clardy from Lexington, MA is itching to get back to the waterfront and will be teaching swimming yet again.  Grant Purves, Caribou’s Top Chef, from Darlington, UK is very excited to get back and add some new dishes to our Culinary Arts program.  JOEY T, JOEY T, JOEY T all the way from Mahwah, NJ coming back for his 17th summer and returning to his old stomping grounds as the basketball director.  On another note, you should definitely check out what Joey T. is doing out in Springfield, MA for his school and students.  Joey has been nationally recognized for his 100 mile walking club… check out the following link: Brookings 100 Mile Club.  John White from Palmyra, Maine is coming back for his 8th summer at the ‘Bou.  John is bringing 30 years of High School Woodshop experience and he can’t wait to start some new and exciting projects. Sammy “The Baker” John is making the epic return to the Caribou Kitchen.  Sammy our Executive Baker comes in with 25 years of experience working at the finest resorts in Florida and we can’t wait for his famous homemade Boston Cream Pies, White Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti, and Carrot Cake!! Marianne Niles our Head Nurse and Shawn Niles one of our Chefs will both be returning to the ‘Bou! Peter Rabinovitz from Needham, MA is excited to join the baseball staff and eager to add his own flare to the baseball program.  And Megan Perry from Gardiner, Maine, one of Ellie’s Nannies, is pumped to be back on the peninsula.

Please keep in touch as we love to hear updates on how all of our Caribou Campers and Counselors are doing.  Happy Holidays!