Camp Caribou 2015 Memories

by Camp Caribou on September 1, 2015

Caribou Memories 2015
Henry Wolfson and Kai Stevens – The Yo-Yo Masters
Will Rosen and Andy Godnick on the importance of water
South Africa squeaking out the Olympic win!
Bunk 5 first session – taking lip sync by storm
Jason Haims in lip sync Beast Mode
Andrew Kam ankle weight day
Lucas Long winning the first ever Caribou Slam Dunk Contest
Joe T.’s first aqua zip experience
Chris London – “Rangers Lead the Way”
The Super Senior White Out
Ellie’s stage performances
The climbing teams total domination
Tigs and his Can of Corn
15U Basketball – We must protect this house
The rebirth of Sacket
Wheeler’s and Jake Zaas’ perfect hair
The Banana boys handing out summer time treats
Bobby’s camp fire dance moves
Ethan Hirsh’s “OY to Joy”
Mercado and the tennis staff’s new dance moves
Elias Lepore’s sports announcing skills
Bobby Lerman – “We’re at Camp”
The Moscoso and Bloom brothers bring the UK flare to Camp Caribou
John Doyle-the lacrosse scoring machine
Ben Gross’ Johnny Cash lip sync tribute!
Matthew Hake – the mini Michael Phelps
Aidan Hutzler – Best Hair Style on Camp
Ry Natterson, Ever Weston, and Zach Gellert bringing improv comedy to new heights
Zach Russell the ukulele master
Weymo lighting up the skies!
BVT the magical man
Jallen and all of his marksmen
Frizell’s dramatic flip during lip sync
Bill’s B5 and B6 lake swim
Supers conquer double top
14’s vs 15’s epic soccer battle
120 campers involved in the Martin Parra tennis tournament
12U swim – photo finish!
Coleman Jennings’ alien impersonation
12U Cross Country – top 4 out 5 finishers – Godnick “Coach of the Year”
The Aborn brothers – a great comedy duo
Rumen Tassev’s Bulgarian dance
The roaring engines of Color War Break!
Danny Rosenblum’s Dutch Auction dancing skills
David Clark’s clutch home-run
“Hey Dallas, let’s take a picture”
Henry Wolfson’s drone take over
The spike ball and corn hole craze hit the peninsula
Counselor Hunt – Where are Al Harding and Jordan Bunt?
Jordan Gold – Back to Back Roundball Classic Champ
Spencer Rosenblum’s Pokeman hat … Swag
Manny’s impersonation of Rotman’s nose
Blue Team wins the 2015 Color War
Culinary arts – candy sushi and hot dog cookies
Blueberry picking, corn mazes, ice cream and hay rides – a great day at Treworgy Farm
A big thank you to SLY Photography
The big time work of Wilkins and Kaufman
Craig Willcox – the leader of units
After meal dance parties – USA! USA!
Louie – Eat, Sleep, Lift Weights
Johnny D. “I love wings chicken”
Casino Night in the Gym – EPIC
Watch me whip, watch me nae nae
Sarp turns into a magician
Caribou runs the Belgrade 5k… BouYah
Cole Pressman’s CMCL hockey stick skills
Ollie Rhee baseball beast
Carly Rae Jepsen does it again – I really really really like you
Sammy the Baker – next level desserts
Maine takes home the first ever America’s Cup win!
Woodstock Tie-Dye with Lori
Flagpole calisthenics with Callum and Craig
12U CMCL hockey champs yet again!
The Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills are Cookie Bowl Champions
Where is Kuba? – Check the Caribou Droppings
Cory’s smooth guitar skills
Supers shock the world with an amazing Olympic Break
Caribou Spa Day
The number of the day is… 15….. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
B5’s light show and smoke machine
Volleyball’s staff skit movie… Scorsese watch out!
And SO MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!
 We look forward to making new memories with YOU in 2016!