Alumni Spotlight – Brian Hershey

by Alex Rotman on December 18, 2020

Brian Hershey

Head of Business Development – Gloat 

New York, NY

Brian Hershey, who attended Camp Caribou from 2003 – 2009, was often found at the archery range, on the soccer fields, and sailing around Pattees Pond.  Now, you can find Hershey and his team turning the staff hiring process for global companies upside down.  Hershey has taken “Tinder” type technologies and has enabled major corporations to swipe left and swipe right when finding the correct candidate – BouYah!  We recently caught up with Hershey who sends his love to the whole Caribou Family.

Favorite memory at Camp Caribou? So tough to pick just one, I could go on for hours. There were the color war victories, the amazing trips in the Maine wilderness, the epic campfires – but what sticks with me the most is the time spent all together as a bunk. Our bunk was like a giant dysfunctional family, so many different personalities under one roof and we all loved each other like brothers. The card games, the pranks, bunk nights out by the lake. That’s the stuff I’ll never forget.

What Caribou values or lessons have you brought into your life after camp? I think being part of such a diverse community that celebrated what made me unique, held me to the highest standards of sportsmanship and camaraderie, and showed me by example what it meant to be a real leader and mentor, had a tremendous impact on me at a young age. To this day, in my friendships, in business, in life, I rely on the values I learned at Caribou – empathy, commitment, hard work, kindness, a love of the outdoors (a long list..) – and they’ve served me so well.

Favorite piece of life advice? I’ll go with a famous Caribou-ism that I didn’t realize at the time was also great life advice: it’s cool to be nice.