Alumni Spotlight – Alex Kantor

by Alex Rotman on November 13, 2020

Alex Kantor


Charlotte Marketing Consultants

Charlotte, NC

Favorite Memory: Traveling to other camps across Maine to lead our teams in competition was always something special. Seeing the campers pour their hearts into practicing and preparing, then being able to compete side-by-side with their best friends was a special experience.

Values: A value that I learned from the Caribou family and the Lermans is that it’s cool to be nice. I have always been a joker, and someone who likes to have a great time with my friends, but I think Martha showed me that you can be compassionate and empathetic as a way of building meaningful relationships as well. This year has been particularly difficult for our company, as it has been for everyone, and sometimes making the difficult decisions to put people over profits, and focus on being nice and doing the right thing is most important. It’s cool to be nice in business, to take care of your team, clients and customers.

Favorite Piece of Advice: My father told me early on in my career when I was going through a tough time that the longer you are doing anything, there will be ups and downs. If you have grit and stick to something you believe in long term, there will be good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks – eventually, good years and bad years. But having the courage to never give up when you face those challenges will always get you to see more of the goods in front of you.