A bonkers Boston Reunion

by Camp Caribou on November 7, 2011

Hey guys, it was awesome seeing everyone yesterday at the Boston Reunion!!  We had a tremendous turnout and a great time.  Things kicked off at Fun & Games where guys loaded up on tons of tokens and won some ridiculous prizes.

Some to note:  Lucas Long and Ben Zimmerman won a Tiger Rug, and thus have decided to have a jungle themed cabin this summer.  Jake Colburn won inflatable shoes that possibly Shaq could have fit in.  Gabe Peckler won a massive inflatable banana.  Cam Baker took home a giant alien and Miles Backer had a little too much fun with his dart gun. 

We then shifted the crew over to the Crowne Plaza.  There we had the classic chicken tenders, french fires, and ice cream sundaes.  After lunch we had the World Premier of the DVD Yearbook and a picture slideshow of the 2011 Summer.  The fun didn’t stop there as we then handed out the Caribou Reunion T-Shirts “Boum 2012”  Overall it was great seeing everyone, big ups to Harry Zolot, David Barber, Joey T., Ryan Rosen-Smith, Boden Dock, Max Kaufman, John Wilkins, John White, and Charlie Shapiro for making the big trek in for the Reunion.

Camper Update:  Max Lobel has been tearing things up on the soccer pitch.  He recently scored an exciting free kick from 30 yards out that hit the post and went in!!!   Jay Maxwell is getting his Rafael Nadal on with playing tons of tennis.  Henry Forman reports that he is taking on whatever comes his way and truly grabbing life by the horns.  Mercado is playing the alto saxophone for his high school jazz band.  Cam Baker is playing quarterback for the Sharon Eagles, and recently scored a 85 yard touchdown run.  Thanks guys for letting us know what you have been up to.  We got loads of updates and will be sharing them over the next few days.

Staff Update:  Ryan Rosen-Smith is an EMT at Umass – Amherst and working sporting events and concerts.  Cookies is scoring all sorts of touchdowns for the Sharon Eagles.  And Adam Block claims he is in recording studios with Wiz Khalifa (that’s Block for you).

Phili we’ll see you this Sunday!!!