2018 Summer Memories

by Alex Rotman on September 24, 2018

The Camp Caribou 2018 Memories

Al Harding letting the hair flow during the staff skit
Tigs’ hair – on point everyday
Wibit life!
The Magic of V – how does he do that?
Hirsh brings back Oy to Joy!
Casey Salzman passing on the riddle torch to Teddy
Super Senior breakfast outfits
Ollie Fallon – “When I’m 64”
Henry Corcoran dominates the staff dance off
Stinky Pete and the Golf Team
Jo-Co’s National Anthem Rendition
CIT’s – Professional Refs
Jason Haims and the Frozen Bee
Charlie Ladge and the Seagull story
Asher Seifan – the Floss Champion
Pierre – BIG PAPI!
Black bear on Katahdin
Playing “Mafia” on bunknight
Oli, Tre, Linder and Ollie Aborn doing pre-social dancing
Bunk 4 dance parties
CMCL Sweep archery
Oli and Perrin Gill doing the lake swim
Training Gornbein and Ryan Bird for boating CMCL
Caleb Tobias scoring 4 goals in 5 minutes
Alex Filkouski made the albino rock – it’s at eye level
Mango Monday’s
Tiger Tuesday’s
Bradwyn working maintenance
All the fireworks – Weymooooooo
Tug of War under the lights
Bunk 12 – Bill Crew
Building an Adirondack chair with Harry Troy
Supers siding the new building
Anthony and Ritzer’s bromance
15U Soccer CMCL Champs – Protect the ‘Bou!
Logan, Eli and Beau watching Bunk 12
Eli Kerret – Gone with the wind!
Colby Lewis with a Tony Award winning performance
Norfolk and Jones – California Chillin’
5% Panda – music at its best!
Sly Photoshoot – EPIC
Colorwar Staff Apache in the Rain
Spain come up BIG with the Olympic win
Jazzercise – enough said
Jake Stone > Tom Brady
The Western New Mexico University take over
OOB in the rain – It just doesn’t matter!
The Magic of V does it again
Corn Hole comes to the peninsula
Fishing lessons with Jason Haims
Botsacos on the Air Guitar
Ryan Idelson the Bass Pro Champion
Breath taking views of Camden Hills with Keo and Nealis
Avocado toast comes to Caribou
Reimer’s dance moves – Unforgettable!
Bobby climbing the flagpole – Hammerstein Ballroom
The number of day is…… 18
Florida with the stunning America’s Cup Win!
“Summers are for the ‘Bou!”
Jake Freeman’s woodshop skills – on point
Luke Ritzer is Frosty
Alex Walker brings the fire yet again
Spencer Rosenblum – Best Hair on Camp
Frederick Shur’s rollerblade lip sync – YES!
Sarp is Simba!
Cody and Sasso with the perfect hug
Mikesell’s Tom Cruise impersonation!
Woody, Cody, Claire, and Z-Co – AMAZING Commander – In – Chiefs
Super Senior Katahdin and Pamola Peak!
Peter Lynett’s radical t-shirts – LIT!
Sports talk with the Flash
Lax Bro chill sesh
BVT turns everyone into card throwers
Caribou Ice Train at the Rink
Theo Aborn and his dog sleeping pills
Tigs and Pete – DYNAMIC Duo

We can’t wait to make more memories with you in 2019!!

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